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There is sadly these days just one thing on my mind — a good night's sleep. Or more precisely, how to get one.

In years gone by sleeping had actually been a restful pastime for me, achieving the preferred  result at the end of a good eight hours shut eye. I was invigorated, alert and ready to take on the day.

Unfortunately, since reaching middle age,  something has gone terribly awry. I'm lucky to get six hours and I certainly never wake up when that miserable alarm clock buzzes, feeling as if I've had enough sleep.

Short of developing a pill habit,  I've tried everything that's been suggested. Blackout curtains shut out all light. The digital clock has been moved away from the nightstand. I stay away from computers and stimulating activities for at least an hour before bedtime. I eat well, get lots of fresh air and exercise.

I've even tried meditation, which, while it hasn't made falling and staying asleep any more certain, it does helps to free the mind of anxiety and worrisome thoughts. Repeating a soothing mantra while visualizing a calming scene isn't the worst way to spend a sleepless night I suppose.  Especially once you settle on your idea of the perfect place.

These inspirational photos are full of serenity and beauty, perfect visuals to call on when meditating. Inspiration Photos Inspirational Nature Photos

National Geographic Clouds

Mark Langford's Sunsets and Clouds Photos

TRIGGERPIT What a Wonderful World


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