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Some Smiling Faces to Brighten Your Day

"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." — Mother Teresa

Life brings us many things, some nice, some less so. Ironically, it seems that a 'one-of-those-days in the life is often not so much a balance of both, but an either/or situation. We've all had it happen. You wake to a dreary, dark morning, after a strenuous, sleepless night. You run out of hot water in the shower; spill the milk while getting breakfast.  Running to the bus stop it starts to rain; waiting in the shelter you see there's a run in your stocking.

Arriving at the office you take off your coat and see a stain on your blouse you hadn't seen when you put it on.  After realizing you left your lunch at home, you notice the stack of new messages waiting for your immediate attention, one of them from the boss who wants to see you — now.

Then enroute to there you pass a co-worker who flashes the sunniest of smiles your way and the day seems, while still far removed from perfect, much better. Returning the favour only improves things even more.

Smiles are wonderful things.  A simple curve of the lips brightens your face, your mood, and your outlook. Not to mention what it does for the recipient.  My grandpa, one of the most affable men I knew, never found a reason not to smile. Real, genuine, big, honest, 'seeing-you-made-my-day kind of grins that he was never stingy about sharing, even with strangers.  "It would be a pretty sad world, if we all just passed each other without smiling," he once said to me.

So if you're in need of a smile today, these collections of photos are guaranteed to begin the love. Smiling Faces Photos Photos of Smiling People

Acclaim Images Smiles


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