Animation Brings Life to Art

Several years ago, in my previous life as a newspaper editor, we hired a brilliant young art student for the summer to create some unique graphics for us.

This was way back in the day when we literally had a 'clipart' book, from which you chose the perfect image, clipped it from the page and 'pasted' it with wax and roller to the ad.  It was a standard industry book, so having artwork that none of the other local papers had was pretty exciting.

Things have come a long way since then, and quite swiftly. Now, of course,  newspapers can subscribe to a service online to get the images they need, and design the ads on the same computer on which they download the images, or share them across networks.

But what happened to that young art student? He went on to work as an animator for major studios in the United States, including Warner Bros.  Like the newspaper industry,  animation then was growing towards the computer age. At that time, his talents were stilled applied with sketchbook and pencil, but of course, today many of the movie animations are computer generated.

In the image industry, animations are also the popular choice for projects such as web design. And while there are many unique and creative examples, this collection was one of the most interesting I've found: Animations


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