How About a Little Fantasy in Your World?

"I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide,  I've got a 12-sided die,
I've got Kitty Pryde, and Nightcrawler too
Waiting there for me, yes I do, I do.

— In the Garage by Weezer

Ah, the fantastical world of Dungeons and Dragons and Marvel Comics. Such fun can be found in the imaginative realm of role playing and adventure.

While I've never exactly been a fan of the genre,  I do like removing myself from reality on occasion. For me it's generally with a book.  One of the greatest joys of reading I think is that it can transport me to different times and places, making me part of  what others aren't.

So, I get the appeal that others have for playing games of fantasy and adventure. There is something fascinating about the notion of entering a place full of mermaids, warriors and fairies, replete with enchantment and gothic darkness.  If these images appeal to you as well, then you should enjoy this fantasy collection of illustrations. Fantasy Images


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