It's a Good Day to Ask Who Will Care For You

I am a member of the sandwich generation. More specifically, I am a 'Club Sandwich', multiple layers of me, each spread a little thin between ageing parents and adult children and grandchildren.

Let's face it though, while desiring complete independence for our kids, having them still need some assistance is a far more enjoyable experience than coping with the challenges that can be present when Mom and Dad grow old. Usually when one of our children asks for help it's about babysitting  grandchildren, so really not too painful a burden. 

The needs of ageing parents on the other hand are more difficult to cope with.  Some of the sandwich generation are caregivers for their parents. Others juggle full-time employment with time to meet the requirements of Mom and Dad.  In between there is the morass of understanding the differences as well as the rules and regulations regarding long-term care, assisted living and retirement homes. Not to mention the long waiting lists to get seniors into the type of space they require.

And with more of the population ageing, the stresses and challenges are going to increase.  With of course, the even bigger problem of  who will care for us? So with today being National Health Care Decisions Day it seemed appropriate to highlight these photos of the elderly and the people who care for them. Photos of Seniors and Caregivers Photos of Geriatric Care Photos of People With Elderly Parents


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