Photos of Beautiful Butterflies

It was a little surreal, a little unexpected. Obviously, it can happen because it did, but it certainly caught us a bit by surprise.

Overall this past Easter weekend was not what I would have hoped for weather-wise. Temperatures were a little nippy and sunshine minimal. However, with Saturday a bit balmier, my husband and I took a little break in the afternoon to sit and enjoy some of the warming sun, albeit swathed in plenty of layers.  Then suddenly, as we chatted about all the snow still on the ground, and how long spring was taking to get here, a lovely butterfly flitted by.

Keep in mind here that at that point neither of us had as yet even seen a robin on the ground. So this little one's sprightly dance  beside us, more fitting to a scorching summer's day,  caught us completely off guard.  Conversation ceased. We watched spellbound as he performed for us until floating off to his next destination.  And after,  it felt that his presence had somehow made the sun just a little warmer and the breeze a little less brisk. 

Butterflies are beautiful creatures — their feathery flight, their kaleidoscopic colours, their soft stillness.  It's little wonder they are often seen as symbolic messengers bringing comfort to the bereaved.  And I look forward to seeing them in all their numbers as the days continue to warm. Until then there are these lovely photos to enjoy. Butterfly Photos

National Geographic Patterns in Nature: Butterflies

iPHOTOS Photos of Butterflies

Photographyblogger Beautiful Butterfly Pictures

Acclaim Images Butterfly Photos


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