Photos of People and Pets For National Pet Day

Today is National Pet Day, a time to celebrate the joy of sharing your life with a furry friend.

It's been almost three years since my husband and I have had a pet. It's not that we don't want one. We are both huge dog lovers.

But after decades of dog ownership, we've realized we're not being fair to any pooch we might have.  Working full-time and enjoying a hectic empty-nest social life means not offering a lot of companionship to our pet. 

Plus the loss of our dear Siberian Husky mix, Ani, a couple of years ago is something that I for one haven't quite recovered from yet.

We are, therefore, on a self-imposed hiatus from dog ownership at this point, thinking ahead to the probability of finding ourselves a new little buddy to share our life when we retire. There's a part of me that can't wait, because I do believe it's just not really a life without a pet. 

So in recognition of National Pet Day we pay homage to people and their pets with these photo collections. People and Pets Phots Photos of People and Pets

Acclaim Images Stock Photos of People and Pets

My Modern Met Heartwarming Photos of People and Their Pets


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