Want to Be a Fashion Photographer?

The indicators may not quite be in place here, but it is actually spring.  And while we still might have snow on the ground and in the sky,  people are eagerly checking out the latest styles and trends to spruce up their wardrobe for the new season.  As such, advertisers and retail merchants are looking for slick and attractive ways to sell their products.

Cue the fashion photographer, who has the interesting task of putting people, clothes and venues together in a way that captures imagination and interest.  No matter how nice the fashion, or how beautiful the models, only good photography can sell it.

Several years ago, during my two-decade stint in media I was given the task of organizing a photo shoot for a special Christmas edition of the magazine we published.  The day was probably the most fun I ever had on the job.

But it was far from easy.  Assembling a team of models, arranging a venue, as well as all of the other organizational tasks and logistics involved, were subject to the vagaries of the arts and Murphy's Law.  The end result, however, was one of our more popular features and left me feeling quite satisfied.

If you're a new photographer interested in this genre, here are some great tips to get you on your way.

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