Who Could Use a Laugh?

To say the news has been sad lately is an understatement. It has been overwhelmingly tragic and frightening.  In addition to all the traditional woes of this world — the sluggish economy and the suffering environment just for starters — there are much bigger issues.

North Korea is apparently ready to start talking if UN sanctions are withdrawn, but the threat of war is still a mushroom cloud hanging over our heads.  Some lunatic(s) decided to destroy the lives of innocent people and tear the heart out of a city with home-made bombs at the Boston Marathon.  Three died, including a young boy, and hundreds were injured and maimed. Even more have been traumatized.

And now an explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas has killed several people.

It really makes it tough these days to watch the news. 

In the grand scheme,  the fact that spring has been disappointing is not a big deal but some balmy, sunny weather might do a bit to lift our attitude. If people ever needed a reason to smile it's now.

So in the hope of providing nothing more than a brief escape from tragedy with some healing humour,  I hope you find some with this collection of silliness:

iCLIPART.com Gag Cartoons


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