Floral Friday Photos of Gardening and Flowers

It's all very exciting. Today we begin the first Canadian long weekend of the spring/summer season.  And there has been the promise of a gift from Mother Nature — beautiful warm, clear weather.

So besides a plan to enjoy some time on the deck with a good book and a glass of wine — or two —  the forecast also has me thinking of flowers. Tomorrow I intend to hit my favourite greenhouse and sort through the selection of kaleidoscopic blooms for this year's deck and patio plantings.  There is much to consider:  colour scheme, mixes, shade or sunlight loving, high or low maintenance, and personal favourites. 

But it's not only those factors that have me wandering the rows for hours.  Walking into the warmth and brightness of this floral Eden is like a taking a long whispered sigh at the end of a trying day. I linger and look, touching petals and inhaling the earthy rich aroma of dampened soil.  I savour the quiet and the bountiful variety of colours and textures.

In a nutshell, I relax.

So with thoughts of flowers and planting on my mind,  I offer these beautiful collections for today, Floral Friday, and for my long relaxing weekend.

iCLIPART.com Gardening and Flowers Photos

iPHOTOS.com Gardening and Flowers Collection

Acclaim Images Gardening and Flower Photos

National Geographic Patterns in Nature: Flora


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