Healthy Food Photos for Family Wellness Month

I think the fact that May is Family Wellness Month must have slipped my mind this past weekend. With three days off, thanks to our Victoria Day holiday in Canada, coupled with some good weather to boot, the regular routine was out the window.  And with it, all my good habits and intentions.

Socializing and visiting were high on the priority list,  so food and drink were ever present, most of it not included in Canada's Food Guide.  Sadly,  I've never been able to turn my back on potato chips. I really do love my munchies! As a result,  I spent a little too much time this weekend enjoying some rather unwise food choices.

So to turn me around again, I thought it might be a good idea to bring my attention back to healthy eats. And there is plenty of simple, nutritious fare featured in these photo collections to do just that. They are perfect to promote the  kind of dietary choices that keep families on the right track before this Family Wellness Month draws to a close. Healthy Food Photos Healthy Nutritious Food

Acclaim Images Healthy Food Photos


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