Interested in Macro Photography?

In the classic film noire, Sunset Boulevard,  faded silent movie star Norma Desmond dramatically states, "Alright Mr. Demille. I'm ready for my closeup."

Though not seeking the attention the crazed actress was, there are many things that command close-up attention when being photographed.  The command isn't issued through words or action, but simply exists because profound beauty is worthy of the scrutiny.

Think of the kaleidescopic design of a resting butterfly on a dewy soft petal, the veins of an emerald-green leaf, the delicate beauty of a baby's foot.  In all of these cases, there's no debate that the closer the picture the better.

With limited knowledge of exactly how a camera works, I've enjoyed the macro feature on the new Canon that was a gift from our children a few years ago.  I took a picture of a freakishly large beetle on my deck without getting too close. I've moved in on fauna with flora, and on my beautiful children, all with varied levels of success. 

So, how difficult is it to achieve good macro photography? If you're interested in getting crisp, clear and near pictures,  these links offer some helpful hints to take great pictures that are up close and personal:

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Photo Technique 12 Macro Photography Tips

Underwater Photography Guide Macro Photography

Digital Photograph School Near-Macro Photography With a Telephoto Lens

Photo. tutsplus Fast Facts for Shooting Macro

Expert Photography: Macro Photography Tips


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