Sunny Illustrations for a Cool Monday

It's May 13, the Monday of the week leading into Canada's first long weekend of the warm season. And what did we wake up to? Snow — lying on the ground, on the rooftops and on the poor startled trees and plants.

While not a huge surprise; this is the Great White North, after all; it was disheartening. The only thing that could lessen this sudden chill in our hearts was knowing the snow would be gone by mid-morning, and that by the middle of the week temperatures were expected to soar once again. 

But considering it was Monday morning, which is generally hard enough to take, and that I had to retire the sandals for today, and scrounge around for clothes that would keep me toasty against the bitter wind,  I was feeling just a bit surly.  Knowing that a little sunshine can go a long way to cheer me up, I decided to find some great sunny day illustrations to warm me until this weather gets back to balmy where it belongs. Sunny Day Illustrations Sunshine Illustrations

Acclaim Images Sunshine Collection

ClipartGuide Sunshine Images

ClickArt Online Sunshine Illustrations

TOONClipart Sunshine Cartoons


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