To a New Generation of Seniors

Today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. The focus is clear — promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle for today's older people.

It's no secret that regular exercise is good for us, regardless of our age.  Proper nutrition, a full social life and feeding the mind also go a long way in helping us enjoy not just a long life, but one of quality.

Yet,  there are no guarantees for beating Father Time, no magic elixir, no fountain of youth.  Ageing is not a pretty picture for many.

Science, information and services have helped improve that picture, however. A lot of today's seniors tend to be in much better shape than in previous generations. My grandparents were already 60 when I was born, and I don't ever recall thinking of them as anything other than old.  While not inactive, their activities were of the tamer variety, such as gardening and cards.

Today, however, we have people like former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétièn, who at the age of 79 decided recently to try kite boarding.  National Post Jean Chrétièn's Excellent Adventure  While it may have made us smile, more hopefully than humorously, it was far from astonishing.  It epitomized the new generation of senior.

From knowing what's best to put on our plate, to staying active, to nurturing body and soul,  many seniors are fighting the good fight — and winning. As so many are wont to say these days, 60 is the new 40 and these great photographs just might be excellent proof of that. Active Seniors Photos Photos of Active Seniors

Acclaim Images Active Seniors Photos


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