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In just a few days my husband and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary.  May might not be the traditional month for marriage, but we felt it would be a good idea to beat the rush down the aisle.  Booking ministers, halls, etc., can be a challenge when you've set your special day during bridal boom time.

With a certainty, from now until the fading days of summer, weekends in most communities are a whirlwind cycle of showers, stag and does, stags and ceremonies.  A few, who like to buck the trend, may pick autumn or even the Christmas season for their nuptials, but generally summertime is bridal time.  And while everything about the big day is important, there's one aspect that really needs to be given its due.

Our daughter was married last year and as a photographer, finding the right person to capture her big day for posterity was imperative.  Budget-wise she was financially cautious throughout her planning, making concessions she felt could be made. But there would be no settling on the photographer.  She had the list of poses and groupings well set in her mind long before she finally found the professional she felt could do them justice.  In the end, she made a great choice and has beautiful pictures to cherish and help her remember what was a perfect day.

That's the thing about wedding photography. The bridal couple, along with their family and friends, put a great deal of time and effort into planning the grand occasion.  Thus, when it comes to having the event covered in pictures, you don't just want good, you want perfect memories of this exciting time — memories that capture the mood and atmosphere, memories that tell the story.

So, if playing this special role at weddings is of interest to you, these sites offer some great tips on how to do the job well:

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