Wonderful Photos of Fathers

It's not quite the 'event' that its feminine counterpart may be, but Father's Day is on the horizon, so it's time to start thinking of exactly what you can do for Dad on June 16.

It's a question that's challenged me for half a century.  The traditional tie never seemed fair; the man wore one on Saturday nights and Sundays because he had to, not because he loved ties.

So coming up with a perfect gift was  tough.  To start with, Dad just always seemed happy with what he had. Unlike Mom he could cared less about clothes,  jewellery or smelly things.  He liked to golf but you can only get so many tees and balls.  No, when I was a young, I remember thinking he'd probably appreciate a day off more than anything, but as the guy who owned the business that seldom happened and sure wasn't something I could arrange.

As I got a bit older I realized, so the old adage advises, the way to Dad's heart is through his stomach.  Ah..  limburger, and oh..  chocolate.  Unwrapping a favourite food still brings a twinkle to his eye, especially now in his 90th year when he knows he shouldn't have any of it and it no longer matters.

The relationship between father and child may not be as clearly defined as that of mother and child, but dads certainly deserve their day. Let's get a head start on celebrating them with these photo collections:

iCLIPART.com Father Photos

iPHOTOS.com Photos of Fathers

Acclaim Images Photos of Fathers


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