Care for a Cruise on the River?

Just returned from a perfect holiday at the beautiful French River in northern Ontario. If you love listening to and adoring nature this is one glorious place in which to do so.

We've made the trip for several years now. While my husband and I aren't exactly the rugged outdoors type; our idea of camping is a cozy cabin with all the comforts of home;  we do appreciate life in this unspoiled territory. No cellphone signal, no internet, no television, is certainly enough value on its own. But add in the forests, the wildlife, and the myriad of peaceful oases and raging rapids along the twists and turns of the river and life is perfect.

Boating along this impressive watercourse, we are surprised anew at how much we relax during our visits here. A few minutes on the water and we soon realize that the only thing we left behind us were the cares and worries of everyday life. There is nothing more freeing than gliding along on a pontoon or picking up the pace a bit in a power boat. While the whole vacation was grand, the hours spent exploring the waters of the French were idyllic. 

The love affair of people with water is no secret. Whether relaxing beside a babbling brook or listening to the crash of waves, we are awed and soothed by its presence.  These collections of beautiful photos capture both the majesty and tranquillity that move us. Waterways Photos Waterways

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