Going Back to the Country With These Photos

Way back when, when I was a young girl, I used to spend part of my summer vacation each year with my cousin. I was the town mouse, she the country one.

I loved visiting the farm.  There seemed to be endless spaces to explore,  extra hours in a day and imaginative ways to use the former and spend the latter. 

We added some burlap and binder twine to the side of an empty stall and voila — we had a horse. Climbing into the hayloft was a whole new world of adventure. Fishing in the stream with a string and stick, eating green apples in the orchard or simply lying in a field and looking at the clouds filled each day with imagination and freedom.

Even chores were better in the country. For example, the promise of being able to use the chicken coop if we swept it out was very exciting news.  The fact that by the time we had finished there was no time to play and the next day the coop was full of chickens again didn't seem to faze us. And going to the garden to pick vegetables or berries was one of the best jobs we ever had, as after hours there we usually came home with bellies fuller than baskets.

The best part of all was the animals. Dodging cow patties in the pasture to move among the cattle,  holding piglets, chasing chickens, cuddling kittens and playing with the pup were integral parts of each and every day. 

They were truly magical summers for this town mouse.  With enjoyment I let these photo collections take me back to the country:

iCLIPART.com Farm Animal Photos

iPHOTOS.com Photos of Farm Animals

Acclaim Images Photos of Farm Animals


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