Have Fun This Summer

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." — Bob Marley.

Well, I had one hit me the other day and while music's effects on mind, body and soul are certainly no surprise,  I was rather bemused by my reaction.  It was a song by the 60s group, The Association,  that lifted my spirits to the point that I could barely sit still in my office chair. The urge to "kick off my shoes" and feel "the good earth under my feet" was almost overwhelming. 

"I took off my watch and found I had all the time in the world.
I opened my arms, so I could hold life like a beautiful girl.
I laid down, all of my hang-ups forever,
I looked around and saw what sweet things can be found
Simply by taking some time for livin'."

The simplicity yet profundity of the lyrics, coupled with the catchy tune are just pure, summertime fun. 

Friday marks the Summer Solstice.  While life should be enjoyed each and every day, there's something about this upcoming season that begs us to get out and taste life, to throw away the usual hurly-burly of existence and slow down at least for a bit. There are roses to smell, sand to feel beneath our toes, water to wade in and glorious sun to kiss our skin. (Be careful of that last one though; too much as we know and that relationship can get ugly.)

In the meantime, to paraphrase another 60s tune, I thought we could get that hot fun in the summertime started with these photo collections.

iCLIPART.com Summertime Fun Photos

iPHOTOS.com Summer Fun Photos

Acclaim Images Summer Fun Photos


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