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Several years ago, in 1979,  my husband discovered a 1967 Coronet RT sitting in a yard. In love with all things Chrysler he decided to buy it and give it a new lease on life.  My trusting fellow made the purchase and said no receipt was necessary. Days after he picked it up, a tornado levelled the area. This is our classic car story.

Most people who own a vintage automobile will have a tale to tell when people ask about how they came by them. They found it in a barn somewhere or travelled across country to get it.  No matter what the saga, one thing is evident — these folks are so proud of their babies.

Last summer, while attending a classic car show, a friend of mine who'd never been to one (odd) was impressed by the atmosphere. This, she said, is a brotherhood. "They love  these cars. Not just theirs. They respect what others have done to their vehicles and  enjoy their stories.  It's quite a neat thing, really."

Couldn't agree more. One of the highlights of my summer is taking our nice 'new' shiny red 'Artie' to hang out with its peers. Nostalgia plays a big part of it; I came of age during the era of muscle cars and great music, so walking around these shows under a blazing sun, listening to good tunes and checking out these well-aged beauties is a walk back in time to my classic days.

But I also just love the look of these special rides. If you agree, enjoy checking out some classics in these clipart and photo collections: Classic Car Collection of Illustrations Classic Car Collection 

Acclaim Images Classic Car Photos

ClickArt Online Classic Cars


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