Welcome to the Summer Solstice

Here's something to celebrate. Today is the Summer Solstice.  Maybe now the damp, cool weather we've been 'enjoying' will ride out on spring's coattails. Happily for the moment it appears this might be the case.

In Canada, while we're not quite the polar point that our neighbours to the south tend to think, we do experience enough snow and cold in winter to make our hot, muggy summers highly anticipated.  Sure there are bugs. Certainly temperatures can reach unbearable heights.

But, there are also gorgeous starlit nights for campfires and miles and miles of glorious sandy beaches. Classic cars hit the roads for cruise nights, open windows tousling hair, oldies singing from the radio.  Hammocks swing in gentle breezes in gardens of riotous colour.  There are rainbows and butterflies, patios and pools.

Actually, the images of what there is to enjoy in summer are endless. So raise an ice-cream cone to welcome the solstice while refreshing your memory for what's to come with these cheerful collections of summertime illustrations.

 iCLIPART.com Favourite Summer Illustrations

iPHOTOS.com Summer Illustrations

Acclaim Images Summer Illustrations

ClipartGuide Summer Illustration

ClickArt Online Summer Illustrations

TOONClipart Cartoons for Summer


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