Get in the Swing With These Illustrations

It's an image that's very familiar in the summer. You're cruising along a highway at the edge of an urban centre, when suddenly there's an expanse of  green, softened  by gentle slopes,  silky smooth ponds and patches of sand.  The sight of miniature flags dotting the space clearly identifies this as a golf course, home to many, many fanatics through the green seasons.

My husband and I are at odds on this sport; he thinks it's silly;  I love it.  Though I've fumbled my way around a course only twice, it's been enough for me too see this is a sport that suits my temperament and affinities. I love to walk in the sunshine, enjoying the camaraderie of friends. Sometimes it feels good to take a good swing at something.  And what other sport is there where refreshments are delivered to you during your game?

The only problem is I really don't know how to play. A perfect weekend is in the forecast for our area, and I'm a little envious of the people who will unquestionably be hitting the links with some level of success. 

Improving my game (shouldn't be too difficult) is on the bucket list, though. A golfing friend has promised to help and I am looking forward to getting into the swing of this game.  In the meantime I shall live vicariously through these collections of illustrations: Illustrations of Golfers

TOONClipart Golfing Cartoons

Acclaim Images Golf Clipart Golf Illustrations

ClipartGuide Golfers

ClickArt Online Golf Illustrations


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