Hello, Pretty Birds!

Hello Tipper!. 

This salutation is delivered by at least one, well generally the same person, with her arrival in the office.  Tipper is a visually pleasing,  often auditorily annoying, cockateel, a sort of workplace mascot.  The colleague who steadfastly greets him each day has developed a friendship with him that most of us have avoided.

It's not that I don't like birds. I do. Outside. In the wild. I've  just never enjoyed them as pets. I like personalities and for the most parts birds don't have the kind I'm looking for.

This is not to say that Tipper lacks personality. Primarily white with feathered tones of black and vibrant yellow,  what purity Tipper exemplifies on the exterior masks a slightly darker interior.  After squawking endlessly for more sunflower seeds, there's nothing Tipper likes better than to quite literally bite the hand that feeds him. His chatter sparks many a conversation with clients who phone in.  And the times when he bursts into what I like to call his "jungle bird" routine are mildly amusing.

The appeal that some have for tropical birds that I do recognize is the aforementioned aesthetic beauty.  Like exotic fish in an aquarium, parakeets, parrots, budgies, etc., are,  undeniably beautiful.  Tipper, too, is rather a handsome fellow, a fact of which he is only too well aware.  Most assume his glances at the mirror in his cage are for companionship. I suspect he just likes what he sees.

He just might have some competition with the pretty birds in these photos, though:

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