How to Change and Enhance Colours in Your Photos

Remember the days when you took a picture and it was what it was? There was the lovely autumn landscape that didn't do justice to the reality of the colours. Or the blue sky that didn't appear quite as blue,  the sunset not quite as vibrant, the ocean not quite as pure.

Then along came Photoshop and its counterparts, and not only were we able to enhance the colours of the pictures we took, but we could change them too. Always wondered what you'd look like with blue eyes? As quickly as you can say contact lens, it could happen.

Learn more with these great tutorials that explain how to change or enhance colours in your photographs:

DPS Changing Colour in Photoshop

Photoshop Tips Replace Colour

mcp actions Use Photoshop to Change Colour of Objects in Photos

PhotoshopEssentials Changing Eye Colour

PhotoshopEssentials Changing Hair Colour

PhotoshopEssentials Tinting and Enhancing Colours

DPS Turn Ho-Hum Colour in Wow with Photoshop


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