Images Prove There's Fun in Multitasking

Oh, Monday. For many it began 'alarm-ingly',  the irritating buzz or blaring radio tunes a startling start to the day.  Then,  after dragging themselves from bed,  folks suited up and darted off to work, where, once arriving,  they fuelled  up with caffeine to take care of business.

For me, that business means catching up with everything that happened on the weekend,  which is generally significant thanks to email and voice messages.  The challenging part of this, of course, is that while I'm digging out from under — sorting and responding to what's relevant from my two days out of the office — I'm inundated with requests, questions and concerns from people who, like me, are now back to work and trying to get the job done.

I mention this today, because I have been a multitasking machine — not one that didn't hit a snag or two along the way, but one that once rebooted managed to complete the list. So,  with the phones quiet for a moment, the correspondence handled at this point, I thought it might take a little edge off the day to have a look at some fellow task jugglers found in these fun illustrations. Multitasking Illustrations Multitasking


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