No Green Thumb Needed to Make Flowers Bloom

You don't have to have a green thumb to appreciate flowers.  Their varied hues and textures, their fragrances and their ability to attract equally colourful critters bring a special feeling to summer, making it a vibrant season full of life and vigour.

And in the world of images you don't have to have a green thumb to make flowers bloom.  With image editing software and a little artistic ability you can create a  garden of beautiful illustrations to enhance and decorate your designs and projects.

So,  as I struggle with the ever-changing sunlight on my well-treed property, as I watch the profusion of blooms on my hydrangeas and question why everything else has failed to perform as well this year, I begin to think I might do better in the virtual world than the real one when it comes to horticulture.  Should I decide to put that to the test, these excellent tutorials will get me started on the right garden path:

wikiHow Make a Flower in Illustrator

vector tuts+ Vintage Vector Flowers and Floral Ornamental Sets

Make a Flower Bouquet Using Photoshop

ndesign stuido Stylish Vector Flower

rdesignonline Quick and Easy Flowers in Illustrator

psd tuts+ Create a Flowerpot from Scratch in Photoshop

Alfoart an Abstract Rose Bouquet

abduzeedo Flower Text Effect in Photoshop

Drawing Flowers in CorelDRAW

Make a Flower in CorelDRAW X3/X5


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