Photos of Beautiful Butterflies

Seven years, this was a perfect summer day, one decorated by brilliant blue sky and blazing sun.  Humidity was nil and a gentle, warm breeze took the edge off the heat. 

Seven years ago, this was a a perfect summer day. Until it wasn't.

The memories of July 4, 2006 are as vivid now as then. My husband and I were enjoying what remained of the day with a glass of wine on the deck when the phone rang. With it came the tragic news of the passing of a young friend, and a perfect day had been erased.

Having dated our son for more than five years, Sarah was someone we'd come to love and know. She had an infectious laugh, with dimples that charmed. She was an avid photographer, particularly of nature and sunsets. She loved daisies because, she said, they are such happy flowers.  And nothing made her happier than sitting watching the dance of a butterfly in a quiet garden.

These are the things that have brought her family comfort in the years since. A photography contest is held annually in her honour, with sunsets often the subject of choice.  Daisies are part of any day or event that whispers her name.  And a butterfly is a welcome visitor at any time, a sign, a solace that eases troubled souls.

For today,  they are offered in abundance with these collections of photos. Butterfly Photos Butterfly Photos

Acclaim Images Butterfly Photos

National Geographic Butterflies


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