Happy Faces for the Fourth of July

Nothing makes people happier than a party. Tomorrow,  Americans will be celebrating across the country as they take time from work to recognize Independence Day. The fun will come in many forms, from family picnics to late-night fireworks.

No matter where a person lives these days, there is some uncertainty, whether it's economic woes, political turmoil or violence.  It makes occasions to celebrate a nation's history, its beauty and accomplishments even more important.

And let's face it,  a good time generally helps to put things in perspective and chase away worries and stresses — at least for a while anyway.  You can't help but smile when you're enjoying yourself.  And it always feels good to wear a smile. 

So, if it's a smiley face you're looking for this Fourth of July,  you'll love this collection of illustrations, replete with all the red, white and blue you need to mark this historic American event.

iCLIPART.com Fourth of July Collection of Illustrations


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