The Natural Beauty of Trees

There is beauty in their existence, comfort beneath their canopy and solitude among them.

Trees, alone or in abundance, are an essential part of life on earth. They provide decorative shade, serve as a resource,  or habitat. Rivers run beside them, people shelter under them,  animals find home and sanctuary within their foliage.

My husband is a tree lover. It was this fact that attracted him to our first home, situated as it was on a street lined with mature, majestic maples.  "When we lose these trees," he told me then, "we're moving".  Instead of that he began a personal tree planting campaign that has transformed our property into a pseudo park. There is no sunlight for a vegetable garden and both lawn and flowerbeds struggle to survive.

Yet,  I love the stately trees on our property. In summer their verdant foliage cools our house by day while the summer breezes gentle rustling of them at night lulls us to sleep.  Birds sing from their branches and squirrels frolic around them. I can't imagine our yard without them.

And it is this natural beauty that inspires our visits north each summer, where trees and crisp, clear waters are all the visual stimuli necessary.  To see what I mean, you need only check out these gorgeous photographs:

National Geographic Patterns in Nature: Trees Trees and Forests Photos of Trees and Forests

Acclaim Images Trees and Forests


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