Where Life's a Beach

Winter, spring, summer or fall we think of it. In the cooler months we yearn for it, often going great distances to enjoy it. In warm months we gravitate towards it, whether sporadically or settling in nearby.  No matter who you are,  how old, what your tastes and preferences, when life's a beach it's a good thing.

I was very fortunate for several years, when our children were young, to have a summer place near the lake. Living in close proximity to one of the nicest bodies of fresh water anywhere, with sandy beaches and glorious sunsets,  it was with a great sense of excitement we packed up the car and headed west at the beginning of the season. The drive took far less time than the loading and unloading, but it was all so worth it. As my daughter has said, those were magical summers.

Each day began with a hope for sunshine and warm temperatures — beach weather. Each afternoon was spent soaking up warmth and the cool vibes of happy sunbathers and swimmers, as we parked our blankets and chairs for hours of lazing on the sand by the water.

Eventually life intruded and busy work schedules for us and our older children kept us from our summer sojourn so often we decided to say goodbye to a permanent vacation place and visit when we could. The notion that we would now have time to head south to sunny climes for a winter getaway began to take shape too.  The intention was good, the reality not what we'd hoped.

But while these days I don't get to the beach as often as I'd like, there's no doubt it's still a place I consider one of the most perfect — for relaxing, for forgetting, for reviving. This photo collection takes me there:

iCLIPART.com Beach Photos

iPHOTOS Beach Photos

Acclaim Images Beach Photos

National Geographic Beach Photos


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