Wonderful Illustrations of the Whimsical Dragonfly

Well, I guess it might seem I'm a little buggy these days what with photos of butterflies and illustrations of bees being featured in this blog.  However, when one considers the massive population of mosquitoes finding refuge in my shady lawn during the day and buzzing and bombarding in swarms around me at night, it's entirely possible that's the reason.

I suppose you could factor in too, the nasty earwigs seeking the damp earth of my bedding plants, the lost and frantic moth darting around my bedroom light or disgusting beer bugs ruining al fresco dining, as to the reasons why I might have bugs on the brain.

The ones I have highlighted here, however, offer something — bees, their benefit to agriculture,  and butterflies, their beauty.  Yet, there is one other insect, though it's neither as aesthetically nor as industrially wonderful, that appeals.  Long and awkward of body the dragonfly, not as obviously pretty perhaps as the graceful butterfly, does have a certain je ne sais quoi.  Its smooth flight,  translucent wings sparkling in the sunlight, is an exotic dance with a spiritual essence. Like the butterfly, it is often, for those in mourning, a symbol of hope and peace.

So,  today we enjoy a glimpse of the whimsical dragonfly with these wonderful collections of illustrations:

iCLIPART.com Dragonfly Illustrations

Acclaim Images Dragonfly Illustrations

iPHOTOS.com Illustrations of Dragonflies

ClipartGuide Dragonflies


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