Beautiful Photos for Cat Lovers

I'm not a cat person. I've never been a cat person. But I appreciate the friendship one can have with any type of pet and  have even developed a certain fondness for a few 'grandcats. 

Three of our kids have cats and despite one's best efforts it's  easy to be charmed by the antics that highlight their unique personalities.  There is  Duff the dignified,  Stirfry the scamp and Gibson the gorgeous.

Today, our daughter is having to say goodbye to her beloved Gibson — a  fluffy black fellow with plenty of charm and character.  As all pets are, he has been a friend and ally for our girl, a comfort and solace, entertainment and company.  He bounced in the passenger seat beside her over some of life's bumpy patches and shared the fun when the road was smooth. 

I know how much she is going to miss him, but a life plagued with health woes has finally won and the decision to keep him with her much longer would be a selfish one.

So in honour of Gibson, in recognition of all the people who will understand, who appreciate the independence, grace and style of our feline friends, here are some photos celebrating the enigmatic cat: Cat Photos Cats


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