Clipart for the Heads of the Classrooms

Many children, teens and young adults return to school this Tuesday. Yet, while the vestiges of summer vacation linger for students, the reality of back to work is already here for most teachers.  At least for the ones who care.

Whether it's a mindset, an obsession, a commitment or a need to know what's ahead,  a lot of teachers jump in early in the school year.  Of course there are a handful less dedicated, but the majority know their best effort ensures a better education for the young people they're teaching. 

My oldest two are educators, and preparations for another school year began days ago for the one with the Grade 7/8s, and later this week for the one returning to help shape the young minds of Kindergarten tots.  They will shop for classroom needs, a long list that would, to utilize an old idiom,  choke a horse. They will be at the school to organize and set up,  to plan and schedule, to familarize and prepare.

In short, they are among the many teachers who care about what they do and how they do it. They care about the young people entrusted to them and while they may not always be successful in reaching every child that comes their way, they know they have done all they can.

Here are some clipart collections to say thanks to those at the head of the classroom: Illustrations of Teachers Teacher Clipart

ClickArt Online Teacher Illustrations

TOONClipart Teacher Cartoons


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