Friday, August 2, 2013

Enjoy the Long Weekend, Canada

This weekend is a long one for folks in some parts of Canada.  Most commonly known as the Civic Holiday, it goes by many names throughout the country — different in different provinces, different in different cities.  Some places mark it as a statutory holiday, others don't.

So, you might think of this long weekend as a bit of an enigma. Ask many Canucks what the occasion honours and no one knows. Ask them why there's a holiday Monday in August and most would probably admit they have no idea.  It is simply, it would seem, to be enjoyed for no reason other than we can.

And so we shall. There are so many ways to take advantage of a perfect extra long summer weekend. My plans for three days are in place. The weather promises to be bright and cheery so far, which I'm counting on for car shows, barbecues and playtime with my granddaughter.

It will be a good time to enjoy the outdoors, both in a relaxed way and recreationally.  Just like the people in these wonderful illustrations: Summer Illustrations Summer Illustrations

Acclaim Images Summer Fun Illustrations

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