Enjoying a Picture-Perfect Retirement

Knowing that this past weekend was going to be a busy one, with early-morning starts, late nights and places to go in between, I opted to use a vacation day on Monday to give myself some catch-up time.

And a blissful time it was. Following a leisurely morning — complete with a late rising, coffee and time to enjoy a good book — my husband and I headed to a nearby city for a visit with our daughter and some shopping.  No rush, no need to be somewhere else, no things that needed doing.  It was, I told him, what retirement will be like.  Wake up, sit around then decide "Let's do this today".

I enjoy my work and at times worry about  how well I would adjust to a life of leisure. What will I do without the sense of purpose, the routine, the satisfaction of a job well done — and let's be honest, the pay cheque?

But a day like yesterday certainly makes the idea more appealing.  Images of endless days, with endless hours to be spent however I choose, —  with my guy, my family, my friends, or just on my own — take daydreaming on a wistful turn.   One that looks a lot like what the people in these terrific photos are enjoying:

iCLIPART.com Retirement Photos

iPHOTOS.com Retirement Photos

Acclaim Images Retirement


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