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Coming from a primarily agricultural area, with an ancestry rooted thigh deep in farming, I was raised in a fresh world. Though my parents had moved to town before I was born, the wholesome way of life they'd known carried through. If it wasn't home baked, grown in a barn or a garden, smoked or pickled it didn't make it to the dinner table.

Sadly, convenience food arrived at about the same time that my mother took a job out of the house and our family was introduced to a new style of dining.  While Mom did her best to maintain her original standards, the odd fish stick or TV dinner did occasionally find its way onto our dinner table. 

By the time I became a mother, home cooking to many of my generation meant things like pre-packaged spaghetti or frozen meat pie.  After all, these did require turning on an oven or burner.  Thanks, however, to my upbringing and memories of grandma's delicious farm-raised, home-cooked dinners, I did my best to avoid them.  And as life comes full circle, my children are doing an even better job of that. They are keen gardeners, who have made some wise, and admittedly a few weirder alternative choices when it comes to food. 

If you can't eat well at this time of year, there's really no hope. Farmers markets,  with their plethora of fresh produce, are hosted in various communities, at various times throughout the season. They provide the opportunity to buy fresh and to buy local. They also give you the chance to talk to vendors about their farming practices.

There's really no excuse right now not to have your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables. These photos, perfect for school projects and advertisements,  should get those taste buds titillated. Fruit and Vegetable Photo Collection Fruit and Vegetables

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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Photography Fruit and Vegetable Gallery


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