How to Get Great Flower With Dewdrops Photos

This being #FloralFriday in the trendy world of social media, I thought I'd talk about one of my favourite types of flower photography.  While I appreciate beautiful blooms of all varieties,  when it comes to one that's picture perfect it's all about getting closeup and a little dewy.

There's something soothing in a macro shot of a flower, reflected early-morning sunlight dancing on  transparent dewdrops that float along its petals.  It's nature as fresh and clean as it comes. 

Yet fleeting.  The stunning images created when cool night temperatures cause atmospheric moisture to form as droplets, disappear quite quickly as a new day dawns. Also, just as the right shade of makeup, the right brushing of eyeshadow can further enhance a model's beauty,  those dewdrops don't always place themselves exactly how you'd like them to.

For many photographers achieving these gorgeously dewy floral images comes down to one simple secret.  You can learn how others do it on these terrific sites:

Picture Correct Adding Dewdrops to Enhance Macro Photography

Digital Camera World Create Fake Dew Drops to Act as Miniature Lenses

Oz Wildlife Studio How to Photograph Dewdrop Flowers

Digital Photo Secrets Enhance a Macro Photo With Dewdrops


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