How Will You Spend Labour Day Weekend?

So today is the last workday before the final long weekend of 'unofficial' summer.  With Tuesday's arrival,  school will be back in business and while there's still plenty of good weather and outdoor enjoyment ahead of us, there will be a return to routine.

Until then, however, we can kick up our heels for this Labour Day weekend and enjoy an extra day from our labours to have some fun and relaxation. What that translates to is different for everyone. Some party like fools,  others relax by pools.  For some its fun and games,  for others just more of the same.

At our house it's going to be a combination of it all. It kicks off with a car show and dinner with friends Friday night. The next day is dinner with family,  babysitting Little Missy while my daughter and her husband get a break. Sunday is golf and a beanbag toss in cottage country. Monday, after returning our granddaughter to her parents, my husband and I will finally find some time to relax and ponder what the heck just happened to our long weekend.

However, you plan to spend it, make the most of it.  And if you're not sure what to do with the extra free time, maybe you can find some inspiration in these collections of illustrations: Vacation Illustrations Vacation Illustrations


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