Time for Back to School

The time is getting closer. How close depends on where you live.

For some kids, those living in California for example, the return to school is imminent, while there are others who still have a few weeks left to make the most of summer vacation.

In my youth, the months of July and August, when no school bell started my day, when there seemed so many long and lazy hours to idle away time with fun and sun,  were eagerly anticipated. There would be trips to my cousin's farm, to my big sister in the city, to the beach with Mom and Dad, all linked by childhood activities with friends at home.  We ran the neighbourhood from the time we could get organized in the morning, until the shouts of parents cut through the dusky light of evening.  There were ball games in empty fields,  hours of cooling off in the public pool and exciting games of tag and chase.

As carefree as it was, however, I oddly looked forward to back to school too.  You can get too much of a good thing and I think I somehow knew that a return to the structure of the school day was a positive move.

I would jump out of bed to don the new duds and gather new school supplies into my new bookbag on that first morning after Labour Day.   I gulped breakfast and dashed to catch up with my equally eager neighbourhood friends.  Even though we knew who our teacher would be, there was always the sense of new adventure, and our walk back to school was full of chatter.  This was the now the change of pace. We looked forward to seeing classmates again that we didn't get to see over the summer and to getting back in the routine.  At least for the first few days.

Here I revisit the return to the classroom with these exciting collections perfect for back to school projects:

iCLIPART.com Back to School Illustrations

iPHOTOS.com Back to School Illustrations

ClipartGuide Back to School Illustrations

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