A Bounty of Beautiful Autumn Photos

With Labour Day behind us and kids all back to school, summer has unofficially reached its end. Waking this morning to the dreariest of days — skies grey, temperatures having taken a drastic turn towards cool —  it did indeed seem appropriate that the children's vacation had ended and they were heading back for another year of learning.

Autumn doesn't get to make an official appearance until Sept. 22 at 4:44 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, but there was little doubt stepping outside the door this morning that its arrival is imminent. I even, heaven forbid, noticed a few changing leaves while out driving this past weekend. 

For a fan of the warmer seasons such as myself, the outlook for the next several months in the northern hemisphere may seem a bit bleak at times. When it starts to get to me, however, I reach back to my childhood days when fall was as good a season for me as any other — maybe even my favourite. After all, one of the first things that happened following the autumnal equinox was my birthday. Granted that was more exciting then than now, but I'll gladly still take it.

Another big event was the annual fall fair in our town, which meant weeks of out-of-classroom time to practise our marching for the big parade, and an entire day out of school to attend this celebration of harvest.

The season also brings us beautiful colours and falling leaves (these more fun for the children who play in them than the grownups who rake them). It treats us with Indian summer, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Autumn also brings the promise of Christmas which falls just a few short days after we say farewell to that season and welcome winter.

So, with its beauty and atmosphere of family and celebration I guess it's not all bad. As proof, just check out these beautiful photos of a bountiful season.

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