All for the Love of Cellphones

Privacy and personal time are important to me. Sometimes just being away from everyone and everything is all that's needed to recharge the battery.  The problem with that is it's almost impossible these days.

Several years ago when our daughter was married at a lodge on the beautiful French River, it didn't take long to notice the peace and quiet — not just a result of the area's rugged naturalness, but also because there was no cellphone service.

Stepping out of the car the first day we could feel the seclusion lift our shoulders as our deep, contented sighs whispered over the quiet.  For three days, there was no ringing or buzzing, no music, no vibrating. People had no alternative but to talk face to face and re-acquaint themselves with pastimes that didn't involve technology.

What is it with cellphones? Since when does every message need to be answered immediately? When I'm away from home my answering machine fills without me giving thought or care to how long the callers might wait for me to get back to them.  Yet, when that cellphone alerts me to a text message, for some peculiar reason I am compelled to respond almost immediately, even as I'm thinking how unfortunate it is that I can be found at any moment of any day.

On the other side, I do appreciate the convenience, the comfort and security. A flat tire on the side of the road late at night is not nearly the concern it used to be. Ensuring that loved ones are safe and away from danger when a significant event happens or concern is raised is peace of mind that can't be measured.  Being lost, needing information, giving someone a heads-up when running late,  finding someone in a crowd — these all remind me that cellphones do serve a practical purpose.

So today's clipart collections are all about cellphones — as well as the good and bad that goes with them. Cellphone Illustrations Cellphone Clipart

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