An Uphill Climb to Hump Day

It's Wednesday, sometimes known as Hump Day, that mid point in the week when we have climbed to a figurative apex. Now we begin down the gentle slope, ever closer to our reward and respite for a job well done — the weekend. 

Ah, yes, there's something to anticipate. Two  days of catching up with all of the household chores and labours you can't find the time to do during the other five days.

My husband and I do plan to have less to do on our days off.  Week nights we cram in appointments and smaller odd jobs that can be accomplished relatively quickly in the dying hours between supper and bedtime. This week for example there's been so much on the schedule we've barely seen each other.  Yet, it still looks like we'll be fast forwarding through a weekend full of plenty to do.

For reasons I don't quite understand, we seem to live a rather hectic existence for empty nesters. We've tried to think of ways to get off the treadmill, or at least slow it down, but can't find any alternative.  Like most working people, there's a lot of personal life to be crammed into a Saturday and Sunday.  The bottom line? The weekdays are crazy busy, the weekends worse — filled with tasks and socializing.

I sometimes thinks it's the busyness of the weekend that makes Monday and Tuesday feel like such an uphill climb.  So I do appreciate Wednesday and my promise of a relaxing weekend in the foreseeable future, before faced with the reality.  In celebration of that, here are some of amazing photos of the grandest 'humps' of all, majestic mountains:

 National Geographic Mountain Photos Mountain Photos Mountains

Mountain Forecast Photos From Around the World


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