Bouquets of Birthday Balloons

Autumn is here. The lush verdant foliage fades, replaced by the bold vibrancy of the season's crimsons and golds.  That beauty is short-lived, however, and the leaves' impending descent will be the precursor to the barren landscape of snowy winter.  We can already feel the future in the chill of the lengthening nights.

Yet, though I love the bursting heat of summer, the glorious colours of life that emerge and thrive in gardens,  my heart is in a happy place at this time of year. The reason? Family and so much to celebrate.  With the exception of my oldest,  who's a July baby,  my other three kids, my husband and myself are autumn birthday celebrants. 

Though some might question my enthusiasm for being another year older, birthdays have been and always will be a big deal for me. How can you not celebrate your arrival into this wonderful life? And the annual revisit of the days on which each of my children entered the world means more to me than it does to them I suspect.  But, even though they're all grown up and away from home, I can't imagine not seeing my babies at least close to their special day.  And I like to think they would be disappointed should I not show up on their doorstep.

Also, while we are getting to an age that many others would prefer to ignore their birthday,  my husband and I have cherished traditions surrounding ours, not fancy or elaborate, but important to us.  They will continue for as long as we are able to continue them. 

Oprah Winfrey has said, "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." If you can't manage that any other time,  you should at least find a way to honour your life on the day it began. 

Here are some birthday balloons to get the party started: Balloon Illustrations Birthday Balloon Illustrations

ClickArt Online Balloon Illustrations


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