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As mentioned in an earlier post, we recently had a special guest visit us for an afternoon — a nice young man from Italy.  Our son, a musician, who has played gigs globally has made a lot of friends in many different places and this fellow was the latest of several he has brought to meet us when they return the visit here.

Being not a world traveller myself,  it's a a lovely treat to chat with them. There's nothing better than a first-hand account of another's cultures and homeland. 

With Ame, from economics and politics to Italian food and music, we covered the basics.  Through time spent together we confirmed stereotypes — we are nice Canadians, he is a charming Italian who clearly has an eye for the ladies.  We most certainly let him know how beautiful we think the Italian language is. Even an insult sounds melodic. For example when he jokingly said to my son, "Siete un idiota". I actually asked him to repeat it. A few times.

He also educated us on the must-sees that most tourists don't know about, and noted that I will still need to carry mosquito repellent with me when I tour his country. The really good news is that also told us we have a place to stay should we ever get there.

I'm not fond of air travel and certainly don't have the time at this point for a cruise, as desirable as that would be.  But if there has ever been a 'destinazione' that might entice me to take flight, it's Tuscany.  Now with a tour guide at my disposal I really just might have to rethink my aversion to airplanes. In the meantime these lovely photos of all things Italian will keep me inspired:

National Geographic Italy Photos

Trip Advistor Italy Photos Photos of Italy Italy

Acclaim Images Italian Photos

Students of the World Pictures of Italy

Lonely Planet Italy Photo Gallery


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