Photos Celebrating Agriculture and Harvest

It's a good time to celebrate agriculture.  The harvest will soon begin,  kids are happily anticipating the return of the fall fair to their communities and the Canadian Thanksgiving is just a flip of a calendar page away.  Produce is plentiful at local farmers markets and homemakers are busily blanching and freezing, preserving and canning all of that delicious home-grown freshness.

Living the country life in a small town, the significance of farming is never lost on me. Fields of crops surround me and on the right day I can hear cattle lowing. It's a picturesque and productive world with only the distinct aroma of pig manure upsetting perfection.

Living the country life in a small town, I'm educated on the challenges facing agricultural producers. I am sympathetic to their worries over the whims of the weather. I am familiar with the expressions, some closer to folklore than fact (Corn must be knee high by the fourth of July). I know that the biggest day in town each week is the livestock sale.  It's a capricious and colourful world.

Living the country life in a small town,  I enjoy seeing the fruits of farmer's labours at the annual fair. I appreciate being able to buy produce from vendors I know and respect. I celebrate the harvest and  give thanks for the wonderful bounty is brings.  It's a world of comfort and contentment.

In recognition of all of this I offer these fantastic collections of photos: Harvest Photos Harvest

Acclaim Images Harvest Photos


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