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The annual Fall Fair is coming to my town this week, an celebration that stirs up plenty of memories.

The big deal surrounding this event started literally from the beginning for me.  I was born on Fall Fair day in my hometown a bunch of decades ago.  My sister, who was 10, proudly boasted to the world that she'd won a budgie and got a baby sister (note the order of importance). In the ensuing years, therefore, it was with heightened enthusiasm, knowing that another birthday celebration was on its way,  that I greeted the arrival of this community event.

Truth be told, the excitement was palpable among most of the kids in town as the time neared.  There were the intensely serious marching practices to perfect our one, one, one, two, three for the school parade. There was the afternoon out of school to hang out with friends, and the arrival in town of our country cousins to join us. There were the midway to ride, candy apples and cotton candy to devour. 

And I can't forget, of course,  the most important aspect, the agricultural component. The cattle and sheep shows, the animals in crates and pens, as well as the horse races did intrigue us. Despite the fact we were in a rural area, most of us never had many chances to get too close to livestock. Though I had farming relatives to visit, I was always a bit nervous near the great and enigmatic beasts that roamed the pastures or slept in pens.

Hasn't changed much for me either.  Probably best I just stick to the ones in these collections of images. Livestock Illustrations

Acclaim Images Livestock Illustrations and Photos Livestock Photos

ClipartGuide Livestock Illustrations

ClickArt Online Livestock Illustrations

TOONClipart Livestock Cartoons


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