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Our son recently hosted a very nice young man from Italy. As it was his first visit to Canada they were trying to hit as many highlights for him as possible. While trying to decide one afternoon what might be an interesting visit, a suggestion was made for the Toronto Zoo. The guest's response? "No thank you. It makes me sad to see animals in captivity."

It was very sweet, and understandable. While many animals when removed from the wild have plenty of space in their new homes, as well as comfortable, even longer,  lives, it does seem unfair to confine the beautiful  creatures that typically roam vast, rugged spaces.  They are truly at their most majestic when running free.

The problem is, however, that while these animals are an exotic attraction, they can, up close and personal, get nasty. Thus most of us sadly prefer to see them with a barrier between.

Not so my nephew and his wife, however. Faced with the reality that their nest is emptying swiftly — one daughter off to university and the second going next year — they decided that a monumental family adventure was in order. So, earlier this summer, they headed to Africa where they spent several weeks volunteering before going on safari.  It was an experience they will never forget.

Personally,  I admire them, but this wandering soul of mine is content with tamer pursuits now.  As for checking out wildlife, if it's not the kind you find in a bar on Saturday night, I'm okay with seeing it in photographs, such as the ones found here in these wonderful collections:

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iPHOTOS.com Wildlife

Acclaim Images Wildlife Photos

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