The Only Cute Mouse Is... ?

So, it seems we have a little visitor in our office right now – though I suspect he won't be with us much longer. He's the first of his kind to have made it in and hopefully the last.

Not that I'm afraid of mice or anything. I suppose in their own way they're kind of cute with their tiny little noses and ears. I mean there are people who find them adorable as pets, who let them run up and down their arms and over their shoulders.  I just think that everything has its place and mice have no business being in mine.

Unfortunately, I have had more than my share of the little critters setting up house in my living spaces. When my husband and I purchased our home decades ago, it had sat empty for two years after the previous owner went into a nursing home. It was an old brick Italianate, and while the intent was to renovate, I think our first year was spent primarily setting and emptying traps.  If I remember correctly I believe the number caught was 25.

Fortunately, seeing vermin in my abode has been a sporadic occurrence since. Good thing too, because in the real world, as far as I'm concerned the only cute ones are found in illustrations such as these: Mouse Clipart Mouse Clipart


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