Tutorials for Creating and Painting Pumpkins in Photoshop

A walk around my garden and deck this morning was an excellent reminder of summer's impending demise.  Frost-bitten plants, remnants of once beautiful blooms now dead and dreary, line the perimeter. Potted flowers struggle to maintain their once glorious glow.  The birds' songs are quieter, squirrels are busier.

Yet, while we must soon say goodbye to the flowers that brightened our outdoor living spaces, we need not leave all the colour of autumn to the trees. A walk around your neighbourhood on a gorgeous fall day provides plenty of evidence, with porches, beds, decks and patios boasting collages of mums, cornstalks, bales and pumpkins.

The latter of course are a big part of the season, holding centre stage from early autumn decorating, to the Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween, through to the American Thanksgiving.  And you don't just have to carve one to be creative. There are some fun tutorials online to help you draw and paint a pumpkin with Photoshop. Here are just a couple examples:

Wordpress How to Draw and Paint a Pumpkin in Photoshop

tutorial9.net How to Design a Thanksgiving Pumpkin


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