Vintage Photos for Throwback Thursday

Today being Thursday, I thought it might be nice to enjoy our own little version of the popular hashtag 'game',  Throwback Thursday.

The original idea behind this is to include an old photo of yourself, not something from a week ago, but years or decades. It's little wonder it's become as popular as it has — people love nostalgia. Certainly, living in the present is the most important thing, but  let's face it, it's always fun to share a few memories and glimpses of who we were before we became who we are.

I've never thought spending some time in the past was a bad thing. It can be a lot of fun, which might explain why nostalgia tends to be so popular.  From entertainment to fashion, we revisit and relive the past in a variety of ways. Old tunes, old styles, old movies, even old images are fun to return to from time to time. 

So for my Throwback Thursday offering, here are some vintage collections of photos that bring yesterday to today. Vintage Photo Collection Vintage Photo Collection Vintage Photos Collection


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